• National, State and Local representation of home building issues, helping to influence regulations that directly pertain to the way you do business, allowing you to provide a quality product at reasonable pricing. Many voices making noise of directly related issues makes for more positive results for all of us.
  • Informative seminars and periodicals that update your business on current laws, trends both in business practices and market happenings and a whole lot more.
  • Offers a place to build relationships with people in the building industry. Our code of ethics helps to bring camaraderie amongst same trades and businesses. The organization as well provides you with an avenue to make contacts to other trades and businesses, strengthening your own business.
  • Gives you an avenue for community purpose and involvement. Through our scholarship program and our donations to Habitat for Humanity you serve your community. Our annual home show provides a large out reach to inform our community of building trends, practices and ideas.
  • Through the local and state levels, opportunities are available for small business to take advantage of large group discounts in various insurance programs, marketing, fuel usage, cellular phone service, etc.
  • It adds credibility to everything your business does. It is a place to share ideas, to work together, to create solutions which benefit our industry and our community.
  • It makes a difference.

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