The Door County Home Builders Association (DCHBA) has developed a Mediation Policy to assist homeowners and members to settle construction disputes. All members are required to submit to this procedure when requested by an owner. Members may also request mediation to settle disputes with owners. DCHBA’s mediation process is a voluntary collaborative process that is non-binding.

DCHBA’s Mediation Team serves as a neutral facilitator who can assist the participants in reaching their own voluntary, fully informed resolution concerning the issues. The goal of DCHBA’s mediation is to deliver a recommendation to both parties based on the information presented, the Construction Industry Quality Standards set forth from the Wisconsin Builders Association, and the experience of the Mediation Team members. This process is provided to members and their clients free of charge.

Mediation Team
DCHBA’s Board of Directors will form a team as needed when a request for mediation is received. This team will consist of three DCHBA members, and ideally there will be at least one builder and one associate member on the team.

Mediation Team Leader
The Mediation Team will select a Team Leader who will be the sole point of contact between the owner, member, and the Mediation Team. All emails and scheduling of meetings will be done through the Team Leader.

Requirements for application

  1. Complaint must pertain to a construction project, such as quality of workmanship or breach of contract.
  2. Complaint must be made within 12 months of occupancy or completion of the contracted project, whichever occurs first.

Initial complaint/ Application

DCHBA strongly encourages direct communication between owners and our members to settle disputes. If a legitimate attempt has been made, but a resolution cannot be reached, the party requesting mediation can complete the DCHBA Mediation Application. DCHBA reserves the right to decline a grievance request.

Any questions regarding this process should be directed to Robyn Harper, DCHBA Executive Officer at

Download the complete DCHBA Mediation Policy and Application here.